Garner pays tribute to Prime Minister David Thompson

Bridgetown, Barbados – Joel Garner, the President of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) and Director of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has paid tribute to David Thompson, the late Prime Minister of Barbados who died on Saturday.

Garner, the West Indies fast bowling legend, said the entire cricketing fraternity on the islands was saddened at the passing of the country’s charismatic leader, who was elected to office in January, 2008.

“Through his untimely passing the Barbados Cricket Association has lost a staunch and reliable supporter, and a striking role-model who motivated the young men and young women, actively involved in the sport, to strive for excellence,” Garner said in a tribute on the BCA’s website –

“Mr. Thompson always understood that involvement in sports, including cricket, taught loyalty, courage and team spirit, while inculcating all the requisite civic virtues that conspire to produce stable, law-abiding and constructive citizens. It should not be surprising therefore that during his lifetime he effectively demonstrated these values and qualities.

Garner, a former Barbados captain who was recently inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame, said Thompson was also a “a loyal, highly supportive, and longstanding member of the BCA”.

“Mr. Thompson only missed regional and international matches at Kensington Oval when he was absent from the country on Government business, or when the pressure of his numerous engagements and responsibilities made it impossible for him to be in attendance,” he said.

"Mr. Thompson was an ardent cricket supporter who understood the game of cricket. He was able to easily engage, with all present, in very interesting conversation and discussion about ways to grow and develop the sport in Barbados and in the region. It is well known that he had a deep interest in sports in general.”

Thompson died at his family home on St Philip, Barbados after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 48 years old.