WICB Under 15 Tourney bowls off tomorrow

St John’s, Antigua– The West Indies Cricket Board Regional Under 15 Tournament bowls off tomorrow in Trinidad with three matches at Guaracara Park, Gilbert Park and the National Cricket Centre.

In the first round of two day matches host Trinidad & Tobago will compete against Guyana; Windward Islands face Jamaica; and Leeward Islands will take on Barbados.

After the first two rounds the WICB will conduct a one day Player Development Seminar for all players.

The seminar will include lectures and discussions on Anti-Doping, Injury Prevention and History of West Indies Cricket.

All matches in the round robin competition will be of two days duration.

The competition will also have a new feature to increase the chances of matches ending in a result.

Under the new format, in the first innings both teams will bat for a maximum of two hours during which a minimum of 30 overs must be bowled. If the team bowling first has completed its quota of 30 overs before the scheduled cut off time, play shall continue until such time. The team batting second shall bat for the same number of overs as the team batting first.  

Schedule (Umpires in brackets)

Round 1 - July 2 – 3

Trinidad & Tobago v Guyana – Guaracara Park (Carl Tuckett & Anthony Sanowar)

Windward Islands v Jamaica – Gilbert Park (Whycliffe Mithcum & Denesh Ramdhanie

Leeward Islands v Barbados – National Cricket Centre (Lyndon Rajkumar & Zahid Bassarath

Round 2 – July 5 – 6

Barbados v Windward Islands – Wilson Road (Carl Tuckett & Denesh Ramdhanie)

Leeward Islands v Guyana – Guaracara Park (Zahid Bassarath & Anthony Sanowar)

Trinidad & Tobago v Jamaica – Gilbert Park (Whycliffe Mitchum & Lyndon Rajkumar)

Player Development Seminar – July 7

Round 3 – July 8 – 9

Leeward Islands v Windward Islands – Gilbert Park (Lyndon Rajkumar & Denesh Ramdhanie)

Jamaica v Guyana – National Cricket Centre (Anthony Sanowar & Whycliffe Mitchum)

Trinidad & Tobago v Barbados – Wilson Road (Carl Tuckett & Zahid Bassarath)

Round 4 – July 11 – 12

Guyana v Barbados – Guaracara Park (Lyndon Rajkumar & Zahid Bassarath)

Jamaica v Leeward Islands – Gilbert Park (Carl Tuckett & Anthony Sanowar)

Trinidad & Tobago v Windward Islands – National Cricket Centre (Whycliffe Mitchum & Denesh Ramdhanie)

Round 5 – July 14 – 15

Guyana v Windward Islands – Wilson Road (Carl Tuckett & Denesh Ramdhanie)

Leeward Islands v Trinidad & Tobago – Gilbert Park (Anthony Sanowar & Lyndon Rajkumar)

Jamaica v Barbados – National Cricket Centre (Whycliffe Mitchum & Zahid Bassarath)

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