Willett's life to be made a documentary

Apr. 21 -- After many accomplishments and accolades, Nevis' first West Indian Cricketer Elquemedo Willett will be telling his story in a 60-minute video documentary.

The documentary comes during one of the most significant years in Willett's life. 2013 marks the legendary sportsman’s 60th birthday and the 40th anniversary of his making the West Indies team. The Leeward Islands are also celebrating 100 years of Leeward Islands Cricket this year and Willett represented Nevis on that team for 20 years.;

Speaking with producer of the documentary, Steven Manners, he said upon realizing the significance of 2013 to Willett he decided to do something for him that he would remember forever.

"We should give credit to people while they are living and they could smell the flowers," he said. Manners pointed out that Willett was one of the youngest cricketers to make the West Indies team and to date Nevis has produced six test cricketers and One-Day International cricketer Carl Tuckett. Willett was the first 19-year-old in nineteen years to play for the West Indies cricket team.

The producer described Willett as an upstanding man in the community and an "inspiration" not only to the younger generations on Nevis but also to the entire Leeward Islands.

Manners informed that Willett is currently the coach at the Charlestown Primary School and has been serving as a coach in the school system for 32 years, 16 of which have been at his current school. "Willett is the quintessential Nevisian who has given all to his country," Manners extolled.

Some of Willett’s accolades came in the form memorialization on a Nevis stamp in 1997; a Nevis Cricket Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001; induction into the sports museum in Charlestown in 2005 (the first inductee); and in 2010 Grove Park was renamed in his honour.

"Accolades have been plenty but what we found missing is the documentation of the oral history, that is why we are getting him to tell the story. We are looking at this documentary as a sort of crowning moment of his achievements as he is clearly getting to the end of his work. We want it to be a show piece," Manners said.

He explained that the story is being told through the eyes of Willett himself. Manners solicited the help of videographer Almond Dasent and informed the documentary was shot at six different locations on the island starting with Willett's birthplace.

Filming of the documentary was completed on Wednesday (April 17).

Manners revealed that the documentary will debut on May 1 and he is waiting for confirmation from the Nevis Performing Arts Center to host the function there.

"We are going to invite school children, social clubs to come and sit with us for one hour. Soak up what we have provided for them while at the same time learning more about a great Nevisian."

First Published In The St Kitts & Nevis Observer.

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 06:44