UWI cries: Why the five-year limit?

Barbados Nation article.

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS - Four-time defending Elite Division champions, UWI, are crying foul over a new Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) rule that limits the number of years a student can represent the first team.

In amending its playing conditions for the 2013 season, which starts tomorrow, the BCA is stipulating that UWI players can play for the team for a maximum of five years.

The decision, however, has not pleased UWI, who dispatched a letter to the BCA yesterday, raising its objections.

In correspondence from president of the Guild of Students of the Cave Hill Campus, Damani Parris – a copy of which was obtained by WEEKENDSPORT – the BCA was asked to justify why it was restricting a player’s tenure with the team to five years.

“If this is the case, let my office be the first to reply with a cry of foul, as this position restricts members of the student body in both the full-time and part-time arenas, who, ordinarily, are given up to six or eight years to finish their undergraduate degree programmes, respectively,” Parris wrote.

First Published In The Barbados Nation.

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 05:06