Under-13 Cricket competition a success

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Bridgetown, Barbados - The recently concluded Inspire Sports/ National Sports Council Under-13 cricket competition has been described as a rousing success in every aspect.

This young tournament which has been going for the past five years, has been run by a group of committed cricketing people who are made up from member clubs. The chairman Adrian Donovan of the National Sports Council (NSC), organising secretary Kevin Watson along with public relations officer Elvis Howard have been the driving force of the tournament.

The sponsors who are Sports Equipment providers Inspire Sports, managed by John McQuire, have stuck with this tournament during some tough economic.

One of the good aspects of the organisation is that they have been able to maintain a certain quality, while putting a cap on the number of teams that are taking part in the competition.

This year 16 teams participated, which were spread across the parishes of St. Michael, St. Lucy, St Peter St. Philip, St. George, St. James, Christ Church and St. Andrew.

It therefore gives many young cricketers who were unable for whatever reason to represent their school teams and opportunity to play in a team of their choice.

Another outstanding aspect is that all games start at noon with umpires who can be seen from Sunday to Sunday going their jobs.

Matches were played at community grounds, while a few are played at privately own facilities such as Wanderers, Carlton, St. Catherine’s and Empire. It is to the organiser’s credit and with proper foresight that the tournament bowled off in early January, just before the start of the local football season.

With the starting date already announced from early the cricketers are afforded the opportunity of getting in some matches before the football kicks off at some of the these same venues.

Like every competition there will be challenges such as complaints and protest as the season progresses. Although very few in number the dispute committee, headed by Barnie Callender have been able to meet in quick time and deliver an answer for the complaint or protest.

This tournament has produced many players who have gone on to represent the island in various national age groups.

The tournament also serves a number of players including girls with the ability to display their talent to the national selectors, who sometimes are unable to watch school matches.

This year the competition ran very smoothly with the only set back coming at the quarter final stage, which was forced to be rescheduled due to rain.

The 2014 season saw a new champion being crowd in Carlton Juniors who had been given the name as bridesmaids as they lost two finals previously. Thanks to excellent performances throughout the season by captain Zidane Clarke, alround Amari Waith, the hard hitting Savio Furgusson and the best wicketkeeper Nico Blackman.

However the tournament’s MVP was Nyeem Young from Dover Juniors who amassed 563 runs 18 wickets and five catches. In addition Young had the distinction of scoring two centuries and the highest individual score 148.

Other special Nico Reifer Wanderers A, Indal Persaud and Shemar Persaud of Passage United Na je Bishop of Dover and Haydn Harte of Wanderers.

Some of these players are already enrolled at the Centre of Excellence at Kensington Oval, while it is hoped that those who have been over looked will get a chance to be included. A number of the players in this competition are also enrolled in the NSC Developmental programme, which caters specifically to boys within this age group.

This situation can only be described as an ideal one as no child can complain of being overlooked when they are two similar programmes in existence.

The foundation is therefore in place and with the expert coaching that these players will be given on a daily and weekly basis, agues well for the future.

In the next couple of weeks, some of the players will get additional opportunities to show case their talent when they represent their schools are clubs against English touring teams who are coming during the Easter Vacation.

The best of the Bajan players just completed a competition and should be in good form, while hoping to be spotted by a scout or a coach from one of these touring teams. (CG)


Most runs –563- Nyeem Young (Dover Juniors)

Most wickets- 25 – Aramai Waithe (Carlton Juniors)

Highest Individual score- 148 – Nyeem Young (Dover Juniors)

Special Achievement – 317 runs average (105.66) – Nico Reifer (Wanderers Juniors ‘A’).

Best bowling figures – 7 for 20 – Nyeem Young (Dover Juniors)

Most catches – 7 – Zidane Clarke (Carlton Juniors)

Wicket-keeper most dismissals- 13 (8 catches & 5 stumpings) – Nico Blackman (Carlton Juniors).

Best all-rounder - 563 runs, 18 wickets & 5 catches – Nyeem Young (Dover Juniors)

Most Valuable Player (MVP)- 563 runs, 18 wickets & 5 catches- Nyeem Young (Dover Juniors).

Most outstanding female- Aaliyah Alleyne (Passage United).


Most improved team- Police Juniors.

Most disciplined team- Community cricket league.

Zone A winners: Dover Juniors.

Zone B winners: Passage United.

First Published In The Barbados Advocate.

Thu, 04/03/2014 - 04:39