T&T, Jamaica to contest Super50 final

ST.GEORGE’S, Grenada - Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago will contest the finals of the West Indies Women Super 50 at the Queen’s Park oval in St.George’s on Wednesday.

Trinidad and Tobago secured their place in the finals with an eight run semi-final victory over Guyana by way of the Duckworth Lewis method.

Jamaica advanced as winners of their zone after their semi-final match against Barbados was abandoned because of rain.

Jamaica had won all of its three previous matches while Barbados had won two of its three games.

Kyshonna Knight powered to 48 before she was run out while Deandra Dottin scored 35 as Barbados piled up 189 for 9 in 50 overs at Progress Park.

Jamaica reached six for one in 2.2 overs when rain intervened.

At Tanteen playing field, June Ogle continued her terrific form smashing a half century to lift Guyana to 191 for five in 50 overs.

Ogle hit two fours to reach 55 while Tremayne Smartt 47 and Shamaine Campbelle 44, provided solid support.

Trinidad and Tobago coasted to 71 for the loss of two wickets in 20.5 overs when the match was abandoned.

The Trinidadians were unbeaten after three matches while Guyana had one win, a loss and their third round match against St. Lucia abandoned because of rain. Courtesy CMC

Here are the details:


June Ogle* c M Aguilleira b S King 55

Melanie Henry+ LBW b K Alexander 0

Kavita Yadram b S Ramcharan 8

Shamaine Campbelle c K Alexander b L Kirby 44

Tremayne Smartt c B Cooper b A Samaroo 47

Erva Giddings not out 9

Akaze Thompson not out 0

Total: 191/5 (50 Overs)

Extras: (1B, 4LB, 21WD, 2NB) 28

Fall of Wickets: 1-16, 2-39, 3-116, 4-150, 5-190

Did not Bat: Hasena Mohamed, Joann Vansertima, Leana Harris

Trinidad & Tobago Bowling: Kirbyina Alexander 5-0-22-1, Britney Cooper 5-0-17-0, Stacy Ann King 8-0-30-1, Stephanie Ramcharan 5-0-11-1, Anisa Mohammed 8-2-27-0, Alisa Mohammed 8-1-29-0, Gaitri Seetahal 5-0-19-0, Amanda Samaroo 4-0-21-1, Lee Ann Kirby 2-0-10-1

Trinidad & Tobago

Amanda Samaroo not out 37

Kirbyina Alexander c L Harris b T Smartt 3

Britney Cooper LBW E Giddings 0

Stacy Ann King not out 23

Total: 71/2 (20.5 Overs)

Extras: (3LB, 3WD, 2NB) 8

Fall of Wickets: 1-9, 2-9

Guyana Bowling: Tremayne Smartt 6-1-14-1, Erva Giddings 5-0-14-1, Phaffiana Millington 5-1-16-0, Hasena Mohamed 3-0-16-0, Joann Vansertima 1.5-0-8-0

Result: Trinidad & Tobago won by 8 runs (D/L)

Toss: Trinidad & Tobago won the toss and elected to field

Player of the Match: Tremayne Smartt

Umpires: C Taylor & T Tudor 

Match Referee: J Greenidge


St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Cordel Jack c H. Sandiford b C. Abraham 9

Crystal John LBW C Abraham 4

Latoya Providence c M David b T.Crowford 13

Juliana Nero* c H.Sandiford b N. St. Prix 3

Terrisha Lavia c T Crowford b N St. Prix 8

Vinisha King Not Out 8

Sheree Ann John Not Out 14

Total: 85/5 (27.5 Overs)

Extras: (3B, 23WD) 26

Fall of Wickets: 1-15, 2-22, 3-30, 4-57, 5-59

Did not Bat: Melisia Billingy, Edelyn Turtin, Roshelle John, Stacy Ann Adams

St Lucia Bowling: Chemika Abraham 5-0-10-2, Maria David 5.5-0-25-0, Roylin Cooper* 1-0-7-0, Nicole St. Prix 7-0-1-18-2, Teadie Crowford 7-0-13-0, Yasmine St. Ange 2-0-10-0

Result: Match Abandoned

Toss: St Lucia won the toss and elected to field

Umpires: K. Sisnet & E. Degalarie

3rd Umpire: A. Matheson

Match Referee: Ivan Lord



Kycia Knight+ b S Taylor 23

Pamela Lavine c V Watts b S Taylor 32

Shaquana Quintyne c T Sanford b V Watts 17

Kyshonna Knight run out (T Sanford) 48

Deandra Dottin c P Hanson b SF Daley 35

Shakera Selman* LBW S Daley 4

Charlene Taitt c S Taylor b S Daley 0

Hayley Matthews Not Out 10

Aaliyah Alleyne b S Taylor 2

Kyann Maynard run out (VN Watts) 1

Shanna Thompson Not Out 2

Total: 186/9 (50 Overs)

Extras: (1B, 1LB, 9WD, 1NB) 12

Fall of Wickets: 1-59, 2-60, 3-93, 4-162, 5-167, 6-168, 7-171, 8-174, 9-177

Jamaica Bowling: Karla Cohen 10-0-56-0, Peta Gaye Hanson 2-0-9-0, Vanessa Watts 10-2-16-1, Shanel Daley 10-1-34-3, Stafanie Taylor 10-1-20-3, Roshana Outar 7-0-40-0, Natasha Mc Lean 1-0-9-0


Natasha Mc Lean Not Out 2

Jodi Ann Morgan c Kycia A Knight b S Thompson 1

Stafanie Taylor* Not Out 1

Total: 6/1 (2.2 Overs)

Extras: (1LB, 1WD) 2

Fall of Wicket: 1-4

Barbados Bowling: Shakera Selman 1-0-3-0, Shanna Thompson 1-0-2-1, Deandra Dottin 0.2-0-0-0

Result: Match Abandoned

Toss: Barbados won the toss and elected to bat

Umpires: R Davis & L Rajkumar

Match Referee: M Jones



Afya Campbell+ LBW Pearl Etienne 14

Rachel Cyrus b Krisani Irish 0

Anisha Thomas c Krisani Irish b Pearl Etienne 16

Afy Fletcher* c Joycelyn Ferrol b Anika Benjamin 31

Leslyn Brathwaite LBW Kimara Sabaroche 0

Debbie-Ann Lewis c & b Anika Benjamin 31

Carena Noel c Pearl Etienne b Anicca Andrew 5

Shantan Charles LBW Anicca Andrew 5

Aria Fortune c Talima Ismael b Anicca Andrew 2

Rackel Williams c Talima Ismael b Krisani Irish 11

Lena Peter Not Out 0

Total: 152 All Out (43.1 Overs)

Extras: (6LB, 31WD) 37

Fall of Wickets: 1-5, 2-38, 3-48, 4-49, 5-98, 6-125, 7-128, 8-133, 9-152, 10-152

Dominica Bowling: Anika Benjamin 10-1-30-2, Krisani Irish 7-0-25-2, Pearl Etienne 10-4-20-2, Kimara Sabaroche 10-2-38-1, Bianka Abraham 2-0-13-0, Anicca Andrew 4.1-1-20-3


Gem Eloi Not Out 3

Anicca Andrew c Aria Fortune b Rackel Williams 5

Pearl Etienne b Rackel Williams 6 

Bianka Abraham Not Out 0

Total: 22/2 (10.1 Overs)

Extras: (8WD) 8

Fall of Wickets: 1-9, 2-17

Grenada Bowling: Rackel Williams 5.1-1-10-2, Lena Peters 4-1-9-0, Afy Fletcher 1-0-3-0

Result: No Result

Toss: Dominica won the toss and elected to field

Umpires: Christopher Wright & Ryan Willoughby

3rd Umpire: Dickie Chetram

Match Referee: Kenrick Alexandra

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