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Miami, Florida - USACA's junior development program entitled “Cricket – Let’s Play USA!” (CLPUSA) received a boost on Friday with the participation of West Indies cricket players in introductory activities at the Broward Regional Park, Ft Lauderdale.   

The West Indies squad was in Florida as part of a week-long professional development tour prior to the November tour of India. 

In an article published on USACA.org, USACA thanked the West Indies players, senior coach Otis Gibson and CEO Michael Muirhead for their continued support of cricket’s development in the US.

West Indies players Kieran Pollard and Ravi Rampaul took the children through a series of development activities while USACA Ambassador and former West Indian captain Shiv Chanderpaul observed the kids in action.  

“I am looking forward to the Cricket Let’s Play USA! trial starting in New York and Florida and to see the flow on of players to local clubs in the years ahead”, Chanderpaul is quoted as saying in the USACA article.

CLPUSA is USACA's junior program that is expected to provide a framework for volunteers, teachers and coaches to introduce cricket to American children.   

In New York and Florida, the two states targeted for the first year's pilot phase, CLPUSA is seen as USACA's response to the hugely successful USYCA, which has made inroads into schools across USA by donating cricket kits and by conducting seminars and clinics. 

USACA CEO Darren Beazley said at the time of CLPUSA's launch: "For cricket to reach its potential, we need more young boys and girls learning the skills over a multi week program that allows them to not only become more accustomed to the skills of cricket, but also to develop the cognitive skills to fully understand the tactics and rules of junior cricket. Cricket Let’s Play USA is a program that has been designed by experienced cricket people to establish sustainable development that addresses the current shortage of young people playing cricket in the USA."

According to USACA, CLPUSA has three different formats that allow it to be played in any setting anywhere in the US.  These modules are entitled ‘Intro’, ‘Match’ and the modified game format of ‘10Ten.’  

"The objective is to inspire of boys and girls that enjoy the multi week program of Cricket Let’s Play USA to transition into junior cricket competitions that may be played after school or on weekends and begin what we hope will be a lifelong love affair with cricket," Beazley said.

While USACA will focus its efforts in the states of New York and Florida during the first year, access to resources and the program is available to all teachers and volunteers nationally, USACA noted in a press release at the time of the program's launch.

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