PIC Inter-Church Cricket finals slated for Saturday

Antigua Observer article.

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The PIC Inter-Church Seventh Day Adventist Cricket League is set to climax on Saturday night when former champions Tindall take on Bethesda in the finals slated for Dredgers Grounds.

The final, which was postponed last weekend due to constant rainfall, is slated to bowl off at 8 pm and chief organiser Seth Burton expects a close contest.

“Tindall would have won the championship on two occasions previously in 2009 and 2010 while Bethesda would have their first bite at the championship,” he said.

“They have been semi-finalists before and they have been finalists before but they have not captured the championship. So it is pretty much an interesting scenario that unfolds on Saturday night.”

Burton, who urged the public to come out in support of the final, said both teams should have a lot to offer based on their line-ups through the tournament.

“On the side of Bethesda, the captain is Kennedy Tongue and he has put them into the final due to the first ever super over we have had in the tournament for the five years. So he is an exceptional all-rounder,” Burton said.

“Then you have the two opening batsmen, Noble from Bethesda who has been playing even hardball for Bethesda and has been exceptional. He is one of the leading scorers along with a guy by the name of Willy Charles, and then you have the James brothers who are two prolific scorers.

“On the Tindall side, you have guys like the captain Jevon Howell and he is one of the bigger hitters in softball throughout any league in Antigua, but we are playing with the unshaved ball. So then you got to look to Vincie Bowen who is a good finisher, decent batsman and bowler, and then you have your friend ‘Trini’, the footballer. They say he pulls up every time he tries to catch the ball, but he is a pretty good batsman and brings some balance as well,” Burton added.

Teams, according to the organiser, should arrive at the facility no later than 7:30 pm, while the umpires’ briefing will start at 7:45.

First Published In The Antigua Observer.

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 06:17