New CEO’s mandate to take WI forward

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS - Director of the West Indies Cricket Board and President of the Barbados Cricket Association Joel Garner, directors and officers of the Barbados Cricket Association, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Cricket Board Mr. Michael Muirhead, officers of the West Indies Cricket Board, members of the media, invited guests, I bid you greetings.

I am now, as I always am, pleased to be in Barbados.

It is however especially less stressful to have come through customs and immigration yesterday here in this nation characterised by cricket in so many ways after the recent historic events in Sri Lanka.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media I thank you for joining us this morning at this most august venue, indeed the Mecca of cricket in the West Indies. It is imperative that I once again register our congratulations of the West Indies team for the historic and hard fought triumph in the ICC World Twenty20 Tournament.

Instead of the usual lectures and condemnation it was refreshing to have arrived in Barbados to warm and exuberant congratulations. I cannot recall another time in my own presidency when West Indies cricket has been subject to such a period of sustained kudos.

I was in Sri Lanka and witnessed every moment of the final and the preceding matches, I saw the will to win, the camaraderie and an unrelenting attitude of focussed determination in executing the team motto for the tournament – One Team, One People, One Goal.

The victory demonstrates, like the great West Indies team had done in the past, that as diverse a region as we are, when we work together, purposefully we can achieve the greatest of things and indeed dominate the world.

While this victory is by no means a panacea for all the ills which had stagnated West Indies Cricket, it is an indication that West Indies Cricket is back on a progressive course and that even brighter days are ahead once we commit to doing all that is required to ensure that we build on this triumph.

I must also outline that our West Indies Women Team which is developing at a rapid pace has achieved the target of finishing in the top four in the tournament. We commend them and look forward to them achieving the next level of winning a world tournament by 2016.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the media allow me to turn to the specific purpose for which we are gathered. It is my distinct honour to formally introduce to you the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Cricket Board, Mr. Michael Muirhead.

You are already aware that Mr. Muirhead had emerged after a rigorous process of recruitment which the WICB undertook.

As you are also aware this became necessary following the decision of the departed CEO Dr. Ernest Hilaire deciding not to seek a renewal of his contract after serving West Indies Cricket for three years.

I wish to place, once again on public record, the profuse thanks of the Board of Directors to Dr. Hilaire for his fearless and dedicated services to West Indies Cricket at one of, if not the most challenging time in our regional sport.

His was an unenviable task of implementing change in the manner in which the WICB operated. Whilst we at the Board were always cognizant that change is not a process which is always embraced with fondness or welcomed, it was necessary and we took the policy decisions and charged Dr. Hilaire to execute.

We have gone through the most challenging times in the process of change but the task is yet complete.

Mr. Muirhead enters West Indies Cricket to lead the management against the background of the structures of West Indies cricket having been implemented and strengthened. His mandate is to continue to build on these foundational strengths to take West Indies Cricket forward.

The Board is confident that the appointment of Mr. Muirhead will ensure that West Indies cricket remains resolutely on the path to structured development and progress and that he is most capable of continuing the process of overseeing the implementation of the WICB Strategic Plan 2011-2016.

Michael brings a wealth of experience in a range of sectors in Jamaica, is an accomplished, astute and measured executive on whom the Board will rely to execute its programmes and policies and further build capacity at the WICB Secretariat.

We have been most impressed with his résumé, clarity of thought, broad understanding of the sport, communication skills and overall skills set, and specifically, his capacity for judicious management.

Now that we are exiting the ‘season of fundamental change’ in West Indies cricket and approaching the road to sustained stability and steady progress, the Board believes that Michael is the ideal candidate to lead its administrative arm.

Michael can be assured of the support of myself as President and the Board of Directors. We are confident that his tenure will be a successful one as we continue the critical work of rebuilding West Indies Cricket to be a sustained world cricketing force in the future.

Mon, 10/22/2012 - 17:59