'Murali' backing Marlon Samuels

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - The Marlon Samuels chucking debate is causing a split along foreign and local lines with Muttiah Muralitharan backing his Renegades teammate.

Brisbane Heat coach Darren Lehmann was reprimanded and received a suspended $3000 fine by Cricket Australia for publicly questioning the validity of Samuels's fast 120km/h off-spinners.

Players union boss Paul Marsh is furious at the sanction and blot on the credibility of Lehmann, who is highly respected by his peers.

Meanwhile Muralitharan, 40, says the second-placed Renegades and Samuels are bemused by what appears a storm in a tea cup over an action cleared by the International Cricket Council in 2011.

"That is something he didn't take seriously, the comment from the coach," said Muralitharan of Samuels.

"I didn't have to encourage him as there was nothing wrong with it (action), it was mentioned by the opposition coach. It is his word against the other.

"I don't think there will be problems."

Muralitharan echoed former South African spinner Johan Botha's support for Samuels in the lead up to Wednesday night's KFC Twenty20 Big Bash League clash against Adelaid Strikers at Etihad Stadium.

Adelaide skipper Botha believes only biomechanical testing can determine if Samuels is within the constraints of the 15-degree straightening of the elbow permitted.

"It is very difficult with to see with the naked eye, you go to testing and do the proper thing and from that you can see if he is doing anything wrong," said Murali, called for throwing by umpire Darrell Hair in the 1995-96 Test at the MCG.

"It is not easy."

Muralitharan, Botha and Samuels will feature at Etihad and have endured individual verification of their actions at the University of Western Australia.

Having carried a chucking stigma through an incredible 133-Test, 800-wicket career Murali says any accusations should go through the appropriate avenues.

"It is very difficult for a player if you are called that (cheat), there are correct channels to go. You go through the match referee then testing normally to see if you are guilty or not.

"Before then you can't say a lot, the technology is available."

Muralitharan tipped 2012 World Twenty20 hero Samuels to finally do the business with the bat against the third-ranked Strikers having made just 40 runs at 10 this tournament.

"He hasn't fired in the batting so maybe it is the day on Wednesday. If he does we win."

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Wed, 01/02/2013 - 09:16