Lewis to seek another Presidential term

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Local cricket administrator and the president of Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA), Enoch Lewis, said he will be seeking another term in office when the association hosts its Annual General Meeting and elections on Wednesday.

Lewis, during an interview with OBSERVER Sports, said he has been approached by a number of members, asking him to contest the pending elections.

“A number of members have asked me to contest the elections and as I speak to you, I fully intend to do that. It is a decision for the membership. If they think I have nothing else to offer and they want a new president then that is the option they can exercise but it just depends and it’s for the membership to make that decision,” he said.

Asked how confident he is that Wednesday’s AGM will materialise following several failed attempts over the years to bring a quorum together, Lewis said that a number of members who have not paid their dues for some time are now making moves to ensure they are eligible to take part in the pending meeting which gives the sense that a favourable turnout is possible.

“My understanding is that there are some other persons who want to contest the elections and they have been mobilising members so I am hopeful that with their mobilisation and the many calls that are being made that sufficient members will show up to ensure that we have an election),” Lewis said.

“We need a quorum of 25 financial members and my understanding is that persons that have not paid for a number of years have actually being paying their subscriptions so that gives me a sense that we should have a quorum tomorrow (Wednesday).”

The cricket association head also commented on a decision taken by the Minister of State within the Ministry of Sports, Senator Winston Williams, to write to West Indies Cricket Board asking that they intervene and/or assist in bringing the executive operations of ABCA back to normalcy.

According to Lewis, a response has been drafted and will be released to both the minister and the media at a later date.

“We have drafted a response, the cricket association, and that communiqué will be released to the minister and to all concerned … and I believe that once you would have read it, you would get the Antigua Cricket Association side of the issue,” he said.

The AGM, which was originally slated for Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds, has been moved to Antigua Recreation Grounds due to the hosting of the Antigua & Barbuda versus Trinidad and Tobago International Football Friendly slated for Sir Viv Grounds today.

The meeting will start at 6:30 pm and all are asked to be on time.

This story was taken from the Antigua Observer Newspaper.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 04:13