JCA includes domino in Under-15 training camp

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Kingston, Jamaica - For the first time the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) has injected domino into the training programme of the Under-15 cricketers in an attempt to build their concentration.

The four-day training camp saw 25 young cricketers from the Kingston Wharves Under-15 competition participating. The camp started last Thursday and ended yesterday with a squad match at Sabina Park.

Courtney Francis, JCA’s chief executive officer, said that with the introduction of domino in the programme, it will enhance the young cricketers to develop more knowledge of their game.

“I never knew that domino has such a good impact on young children as I was talking to a friend from the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) and he told me that domino has been in schools and students have moved from grades 30 to 80 per cent in mathematics and language comprehension skills,” he said.

“This is a good idea and this is something that we can use to enhance the development of cricket. The young cricketers will now be more focused and can concentrate better on the game,” Francis added. Francis also said that this is another step in forming partnerships with different sporting disciplines.

“This is a great move as we seek to develop partnerships with other sporting disciplines. This is the right way we should go as we want to develop the sport of cricket in the country,” said Francis, who is also the president of the Portmore Cricket Association (PCA).

Humbert Davis, first vice-president for the National Association of Domino Bodies (NADB), who conducted the one-hour teaching camp, said that through domino the young cricketers will be more focused on their game.

“In cricket, it is about how to retain information as you have to read the length and line of the ball, match-up and store that information then execute your shot, as well as to remember where the fielders are. Likewise in domino, you have to remember from the first card (domino) being played within a specific time and space. This is done through the use of three disciplines — conduct, construction and contraction,” he said.

“This will make them more focused and alert as they will be more observant and organised and can build on what information they have,” he added.

Davis thanked the JCA for including domino into the cricket programme.

“As our aim is to bring the sport of domino to everyone I would like to thank the JCA for this opportunity, as I believe this is the right way to go to develop the younger ones and to assist them in their future endeavours,” he ended.

All-rounder Osan Sanders from Westmoreland said that the playing of dominoes will help his chances of being selected to represent Jamaica in the Under-15 tournament.

“This domino camp is very important to me, as I want to be selected in the final squad. I have been able to remember things better and to be more observant of my surroundings,” Saunders said.

He continued: “Domino is fun and so is cricket and they both relate to one thing and that is to retain the information that is around you.”

First Published In The Jamaica Observer.

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 04:04