Guide to where your team CT20's chances

The definitive guide to where your team stands in the CT20:

Trinidad and Tobago

Points – 13

Matches played – 4

Wins – 3

Losses – 0

No Results – 1

Preliminary matches remaining – 2 

Results: Escaped with a no result v Jamaica then thumped Leeward Islands, CCC and Guyana.

Status: Sitting pretty atop points table; well on course to topping the preliminary round and march straight into the final.

To come: Two big games against Windward Islands and Barbados. 

To do: Winning either will more than likely hand them a ticket to the final (especially on account of their awesome run rate of 3.352). Winning both would mean topping the preliminary round points table and an automatic place in the final.

Positives: Darren Bravo’s on song and in tune; top of points table; phenomenal run rate; look hard to beat.

Negatives: None really but if we must list one, it would have to be complacency.


Points – 9

Matches played – 4

Wins – 2

Losses – 1

No results – 1 

Preliminary matches remaining – 2

Results: Opened with a no result against host T&T then caned by Barbados and rebounded to dispose of Leewards and Windwards.

Status: Realistically in the hunt for one of two play off spots. Can still get direct path to final if they win both remaining matches and T&T completely goes brain dead in their remaining two. 

To come: Massive game against Guyana on Tuesday then tricky encounter with CCC on Friday.

To do: Must win at least one of two remaining matches to stand chance of qualifying in top 3. Winning both would guarantee top three placing.

Positives: Uncovered Tamar Lambert as genuine bowling threat; key players (Andre Russell and Danza Hyatt) are due for big performances.

Negatives: Poor run rate (-0.731); inconsistency; missing Messers Gayle and Samuels.

Windward Islands

Points – 8

Matches played – 3

Wins – 2

Losses – 1

No Results – 0

Preliminary matches remaining – 3

Results: Lost to Jamaica then disposed of CCC and Leewards.

Status: Very well placed to qualify in top three but has tough opposition to face. 

To come: Three remaining matches are all against powerhouses – reigning champions and the rampaging T&T (Tuesday), Barbados (Thursday) and then Guyana (Friday).

To do: Needs two wins of remaining three matches to be guaranteed of progressing. One win can also allow progressing but it will depend heavily on other results. Three wins could catapult them to top of the table if Jamaica lose one of their two remaining matches.

Positives: Has 3 remaining matches whereas most other teams only have 2; has second best run rate in the tournament thus far (0.702); home court advantage.

Negatives: Remaining matches are all against tough sides.


Points – 8

Matches played – 4

Wins – 2

Losses – 2

No Results – 0

Preliminary matches remaining – 2

Results: Looked almost unstoppable as they crushed Leewards and Jamaica then everything went south with demoralizing losses to Guyana and CCC.

Status: Sitting at the middle of the points table just off the top three position; not out of the mix for top three placing.

To come: Will have a rough time against T&T and Windwards at home.

To do: Must win one of remaining two matches to give themselves a chance of advancing. Two wins will move them to 20 points and guarantee top 3 placing.

Positives: Bowling unit has been outstanding; run rate (0.685) is in the positive; Dwayne Smith won’t go on without getting a big one.

Negatives: Batting has not shown depth and has not fired; big question is whether they can recover from those back-to-back losses?


Points – 8

Matches played – 3

Wins – 2

Losses – 1

No Results – 0

Preliminary matches remaining – 3

Results: Started with an ‘escape’ victory v CCC, then blotted Barbados but were well and truly humbled by the Red Force.

Status: Fifth on points table but having played one match less than most teams, so realistically in 4th position. Not out of it by any means.

To come: Has to face Jamaica (Tuesday), Leewards (Thursday) and Windwards (Friday).

To do: Two wins will seal a top 3 spot. Three wins will cause most folks to chalk them up as title favourites in the final.

Positives: 3 remaining matches whereas most other teams only have 2; has to face winless and out-of-sorts Leewards and should be optimistic of winning; seem to have that ‘X’ factor when they most need it.

Negatives: Is de battin banna, de battin. Will they fire as a unit or sputter and trust in the intervention of ‘external’ forces? Captain Veerasammy Permaul’s bowling has been disappointing, to say the very least.

Combined Campuses and Colleges

Points – 4

Matches played – 3

Wins – 1

Losses – 3

No Results – 0

Preliminary matches remaining – 2

Results: Played with fight and heart but stuffed up the match against Guyana, then Windwards got the better of them before they bounced back to stump the Bajans.

Status: Should be preparing to pack bags to return home.

To come: Leeward Islands and Jamaica

To do: Should be licking their chops at the prospect of the misfiring Leewards and can aid the chances of Windwards and Guyana if they upset Jamaica.

Positives: Excellent team spirit; look fit and focussed; Ramon Reifer has been a revelation with both bat and ball causing many to wonder why he is not in the Barbadian line up. 

Negatives: Still struggling to finish off opposition when they have them battered on the ropes.

Leeward Islands

Points – 0

Matches played – 4

Wins – 0

Losses – 4

No Results – 0

Preliminary matches remaining – 2

Results: Whooped like schoolboys by Barbados and Trini then bravely fought for a Super Over against Jamaica only to lapse against Windwards.

To come: CCC and Guyana

To do: Would want to target CCC for their first win and spoil things for Guyana.

Status: Will be playing for pride but LIAT return tickets from whence they came already booked and confirmed.

Positives: Can’t possibly continue to play as poorly as they have.

Negatives: Where do we begin?

Tournament notes: In the new CT20 format the team which finishes the preliminary round with the most points gets an automatic place in the final. The teams which finish 2nd and 3rd then face each other in the ‘Play off’ (on Saturday Jan 19th) for the other spot in the final.


(AT QUEEN’S PARK OVAL, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad)

Sunday, January 6

Trinidad & Tobago vs Jamaica – Match abandoned due to rain

Monday, January 7

Barbados beat Leeward Islands by 9 wickets

Guyana beat Combined Campuses & Colleges by 2 wickets

Tuesday, January 8

Barbados beat Jamaica by 5 wickets

T&T beat CCC by 7 wickets

Wednesday, January 9

Jamaica beat Windward Islands by 12 runs

T&T beat Leeward Islands by 95 runs

Thursday, January 10

Windwards beat CCC by 42 runs

Guyana beat Barbados by 42 runs

Friday, January 11

Leeward Islands vs Jamaica – TIE (Jamaica won one-over eliminator)

CCC beat Barbados by 12 runs

Saturday, January 12

Windward Islands beat Leeward Islands

Trinidad & Tobago beat Guyana


Tuesday, January 15

Guyana vs Jamaica – 4 p.m.

Windward Islands vs Trinidad & Tobago – 8 p.m.

Wednesday, January 16

Combined Campuses & Colleges vs Leeward Islands – 4 p.m.

Barbados vs Trinidad & Tobago – 8 p.m.

Thursday, January 17

Leeward Islands vs Guyana – 4 p.m.

Windward Islands vs Barbados – 8 p.m.

Friday, January 18

Combined Campuses & Colleges vs Jamaica – 4 p.m.

Windward Islands vs Guyana – 8 p.m.

Saturday, January 19

Play-off: 2nd Place vs 3rd Place – 8 p.m.

Sunday, January 20

Grand Final: 1st Place vs Winner of Play-off – 8 p.m.

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