GEORGETOWN, GUYANA - The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) takes this opportunity to clear the air on the allegations made by Mr Hilbert Foster regarding permission for a T20 cricket competition he dubs ‘Champion of Champions’ that was scheduled to commence on Sunday.

On Friday 5th April 2013 Mr Hilbert Foster, the PRO and head of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Special Events Committee launched his club (RHTY&SC) T20 Tournament without the requisite permission for approved cricket.

This launching was brought to the attention of the relevant authorities through various newspaper articles.

Mr Hilbert Foster then wrote to the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) on the 9th April 2013, copying the GCB (see attached application), seeking permission for the staging of his cricket tournament, days after officially launching same. 

Mr Hilbert Foster NEVER sought permission from the GCB for his cricket tournament. In fact, it was the WICB that requested the GCB to indicate if there existed any “issues” before the application can be “processed”. 

Obviously, the GCB indicated to the WICB what those issues were and the WICB remains the sole authority to grant permission for any cricket not on our preapproved list.

The GCB has been inundated with requests from individuals, clubs, private groups and corporate entities for permission to stage T20 cricket tournaments. 

We advise all interested parties to visit the WICB website at windiescricket.com and click on “rules and regulations” then on “approved cricket”.

This site will provide a guide of the list of approved cricket and also the procedure to apply for permission to stage any cricket competition not listed. This site also provides guidance on penalties for participating in disapproved cricket.

Most recently, in another case of delinquency, the BCB has engaged in facilitating an event in May that does not have the required approval. All players, officials, clubs and members of the GCB are reminded of their obligations to abide with the rules and regulations that govern our sport. 

The GCB reiterates that while we are willing to work closely with our members, clubs, individuals and the corporate sector, this must be done with strict adherence to the preapproved rules and regulations.

We will not allow anyone to exploit our cricketers, or the systems we have in place, for personal gains or to the detriment of the very product we were tasked to protect and develop.

First Published In The Guyana Chronicle.

Fri, 04/19/2013 - 04:20