GCA\NBS 2ND Division 40 tourney continues this weekend

Kaieteur News article.

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA - The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)\New Building Society second division 40-over competition continues this weekend with a number of matches weather permitting.

The fixtures read; Saturday -

GCC vs UG at GCC: Umpires Cyril Garnath and Patrick George.

TSC vs Police at MYO: Umpires Mario Nicholls and Edward Bowen

GNIC vs Sophia at GNIC: Umpires Linden Matthews and Saeed Mohamed

GYO vs GDF at GYO: Umpires Randolph Rose and Colin Stuart

DCC vs MYO at DCC: Umpires Hortence Isaacs and Leyland Liverpool

Everest vs Third Class at Everest: Umpires Eddie Nicholls and Jageshwar Goberdhan


GCC vs TSC at GDF: Umpires Patrick George and Cyril Garnath

MSC vs UG at GYO: Umpires Kendall and Clyde Layne

DCC vs GYO at DCC: Umpires Hortence Isaacs and Leyland Liverpool

MYO vs Third Class at MYO: Umpires Linden Matthews and Devin Austin

Everest vs GDF at Everest: Umpires Eddie Nicholls and Ryan Banwarie

Meanwhile, chairman of the GCA competition committee Shawn Massiah said the players need to assist the grounds men in covering the pitch. “If players are really interested in playing they should assist the grounds men to cover the pitch, we don’t get this problem at MYO and GYO, the other clubs should follow suit. Clubs need to get better covers as well,” said Massiah.

Massiah also stated that he is disappointed that certain section of the media misquoted him as saying that only one grounds man takes care of all the grounds instead of each ground has one staff. He also informed that he did not blame the ground staff for the water logged pitches last weekend but the inferior covers as was stated in another newspaper.

First Published In Kaieteur News.

Sat, 05/18/2013 - 13:02