Gayle to appear in Indian music video

Times Of India article.

NEW Delhi: West Indies cricketer, Chris Gayle, will appear in a music video, featuring the remix of Bollywood chartbuster, Humma Humma, later this month. 

The music video is shot for a commercial and will feature Chris Gayle along with actor Purab Kohli and Indian Idol Chang. 

According to sources, "Chris has shot the music video for a commercial advertisement. In the TVC, Gayle agrees to his friends' idea of participating in a reality talent show by singing a popular Bollywood number Humma Humma. The commercial video was shot in Bangalore in May 2013 when Chris was in India to play for the IPL season. The video is produced by 30 seconds of fame, Uzer Khan being the director. The video will show Chris singing only one line of the song Humma Humma in Hindi."

First Published In The Times Of India.

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 05:16