Essequibo Technical Institute to host NOC in second 20/20 series

Guyana Chronicle article.

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA - The Essequibo Technical  Institute (ETI) will engage their sports rival New Opportunity Corps (NOC) in a return 20/20 series.

The 20/20 series involves a cricket match and a football tournament. The 20/20 football tournament will see each half being played for a duration of 20 minutes with the cricket match being played over 20 overs a side.

Speaking to Chronicle Sport, Sports Coordinator at ETI Diyanand ‘Dave’ Chetram said that his charges had been practising hard, noting that he is very confident that they will come out on top  again.

In the first encounter some weeks ago, ETI won both versions when they won the cricket match handsomely and the football match 3-1.

He said that looking back at their performances in both disciplines they are confident of doing well as a number of strategic changes will be made to ensure that ETI remained on top. “We are cognisant that NOC will be coming all out for us and therefore nothing will be taken for granted.

We are confident of winning both matches and therefore we will be going out with the primary objective of wining,” a confident Chetram declared.

The sports coordinator pointed out that the matches which were slated for earlier this month has been pushed back a bit due to the inclement weather.

He further noted that despite the delay and the unfriendly weather pattern, they are still training hard as his charges have a lot to prove. “We certainly have a lot to prove as we must demonstrate that ETI rules region 2 and that we can hold our own when it comes to sporting disciplines, so we intend to silence our critics thus proving that we are the champions,” he stressed.

Chetram said that the football team is very strong noting that some changes will be made to the cricket team as they have no intentions of being complacent.

He argued that both teams have talent and stressed that with discipline, determination and being focused, they will win both matches. “We will win both matches as ETI is certainly a force to reckon with as we continue to demonstrate our ability at competing at a very high level,” Chetram said.

The sports coordinator stated that engaging institutions and organisations in Region 2 on a regular basis is part of the school’s continued efforts to lift the standard and level of sports within ETI, while providing a platform for students to showcase and also be engaged in sporting activities.

Meanwhile, a source close to NOC blames both defeats on an ill prepared team stressing that they had underestimated ETI previously, and therefore, they have no plans of making the same mistakes. “We took ETI for granted the last time and this time we are not doing that as we have a score to settle and we intend to do that,” the source said.

The source further noted that engaging ETI and other institutions in these encounters is greatly appreciated by the inmates as it affords them an opportunity to further develop their skills. “Being   engaged in activities like these is a welcomed initiative at NOC as we are determined to provide balanced platforms for the students here,” the source said.

The NOC source added that having more of these engagements will enhance sport development in the region, urging the corporate business community to come forward and lend valuable support to encounters like these.

The source declared they are determined to turn the tables on ETI adding that they are eagerly looking forward to the encounter.

Chetram noted that while a date have not been finalised for the matches it will be played sometime this month at ETI.

First Published In The Guyana Chronicle.

Mon, 06/10/2013 - 03:38