Cricket For Unity T20 Match Colours Boutique add their bit

Kaieteur News article.

Georgetown, Guyana - With the DCC ground set to come alive this Saturday night when the inaugural Cricket For Unity T20 match will be contested between Roraima Strikers and Kaieteur Thunders, Colours Boutique of 70E Robb Street, has added some colour to the game by chipping in with sponsorship.

Chairman of the organizing committee, Dexter Garnett was on hand to collect the cheque from Ms. Christine Singh who said that they are proud to be a part of this inaugural event that brings together a number of prominent persons in society in a sporting atmosphere.

Colours Boutique representative Ms. Christine Singh presents the cheque to Mr. Dexter Garnett in the presence of her colleagues.

“We see this contribution as our way of giving back to society and this game we do believe is something positive for all. It is not often if at all that you will see so many prominent members of society competing against each other so we are happy to be a part of this.”

Garnett thanked the management and staff of Colours Boutique for their support on behalf of the organizing committee.

First Published By Kaieteur News.

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 13:42