Chirpy debuts at “The Mecca”

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Daniel Lashley, creator of Chirpy the Cricket, the new Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket mascot, said it was exciting to see the character come to life during the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Interval Display on Easter Sunday at Kensington Oval.

Chirpy the Cricket made his debut on the lush green Kensington outfield accompanied by Lashley and 80 of the best Kiddy Cricketers in Barbados.

The 13-year-old Lashley was the winner of the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket mascot competition, which targetted children from age seven to 12 in one-dozen territories in the region last year to create a new front man for the Kiddy Cricket programme.

Chirpy the Cricket replaces Clarence the Crab, who had been the mascot of the Kiddy Cricket programme from its inception 13 years ago and was retired from active duty last year.

“He looks just as I had imagined,” said Lashley about Chirpy the Cricket. “He is fun, lively and plays cricket just like a real Kiddy Cricketer does.”

Lashley is a junior school student at the prestigious Harrison College in Barbados, which has produced the late Sir Clyde Walcott, one of the famous Ws batting triumvirate, and former Barbados captain and West Indies all-rounder David Holford.

In his entry, the young designer had described Chirpy as a lively and energetic cricket who loved the sounds and call of the conch shell at cricket matches throughout the Caribbean.

“We are proud and very impressed by all the children from across the region who participated in the WICB/Scotiabank Design-a-Mascot competition,” said Scotiabank’s Regional Sponsorship Manager Simone Hull.

“The territorial and regional judging of this competition was one of the hardest tasks, since all the submissions were creative, full of life and reflected the true inventiveness of our Caribbean children.”

She said: “We are happy to have Chirpy as a part of our Kiddy Cricket team, and as the new mascot of the programme.

“From what we have seen, Kensington Oval gave him a great welcome to our team and the Kiddy Cricketers loved him. We look forward to Chirpy’s travels around the Caribbean to promote the unifying game of cricket.”

Nelecia Yeates, WICB commercial manager, said though Clarence the Crab was a favourite of many, the changing of the guard is quite fitting as the game evolves and the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket programme seeks to attract the next generation of children.

“The Kiddy Cricket mascot competition not only allowed the children of the Caribbean to showcase their creative and artistic talents, but also gave them an opportunity to tell us who they wanted to see as the next Kiddy Cricket mascot,” she said.

“It was great to get all the positive feedback from all our fans, especially the Kiddy Cricketers, who have embraced the new Kiddy Cricket Mascot.

“We look forward to Chirpy ushering in another decade of academic and cricketing fun, as he works hard to promote and encourage our children regionally to play and develop their skills in the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme.”

Chirpy the Cricket will be heading to Trinidad & Tobago for the second Test in the Digicel 2012 Series between West Indies and Australia, as the best Kiddy Cricketers get ready for the Interval Display on Sunday, April 15 at Queen’s Park Oval.

Kiddy Cricket was introduced in the Caribbean as an initial step to ensure that the game is made accessible to as many schools as possible, especially for all primary school kids – boys and girls included.

Scotiabank has been the official sponsor since its inception.

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 05:53