Ambris guides Windwards to famous win

Kingston, Jamaica - Sunil Ambris was the glue that held the Windward Islands' chase together as the visitors pulled off a famous victory over Jamaica at Sabina Park.

Jamaica started the fourth and final day as favourites with the Windwards chasing 254 runs for victory. The Windwards, however, were marked with an outside chance of winning, resuming the day on 31/0.

Jamaica didn't take very long to get the breakthrough on the fourth morning, as Nikita Miller broke through Tyrone Theophile's defense. Ambris joined Devon Smith and both batsmen put on 23 runs, building what seemed to be a strong partnership.

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However, a piece of brilliance from Jamie Merchant in the field ran out Smith for 29, leaving the Windwards reeling at 72/2. It quickly became 100/3 after Nikita Miller trapped Keddy Lesporis Leg Before Wicket for 19.

However, it was at this point, Ambris formed a crucial partnership with Kenroy Peters. Both batsmen put on 63 runs together, batting patiently and repairing the damage.

Peters got to 22 from 59 balls before Jamaica captain, Tamar Lambert, delivered the breakthrough for the hosts. The Windwards were again rocking, but Ambris remained firmly planted at the other end.

He put on good partnerships with both Romel Currency, worth 28 runs, and Lindon James, worth 32 runs, taking the score to 223. Both batsmen had left him. But he too, would fall at a crucial time, leaving the Windwards in an uncertain position of 223/7, still needing 31 runs with three wickets in hand.

Ambris had been the mainstay of the innings. He scored 81 runs from 186 balls, hitting eight boundaries. He spent well over four hours at the crease, but all his work was not certain to reap rewards.

However, Delorn Johnson and Shane Shillingford met in an unbroken 33-run partnership that safely saw the Windwards home. They batted sensibly and negated the Jamaican threat.

Johnson ended on 21 not out while Shillingford was unbeaten on seven. Nikita Miller had three wickets while Lambert had two. 

The Windwards got home with three wickets to spare, and the scorecard showed the win to be more comfortable than it really was. Five years ago at Trelawny, the Windwards eked out a three-wicket victory over the hosts. This one was no different.


Summary Scores:

Jamaica 1st Innings: 194 All Out (68 Overs). Carlton Baugh+ 56, Nkrumah Bonner 38, Jermaine Blackwood 36, Dave Bernard Jr 29; Shane Shillingford 16-3-61-4, Liam Sebastien* 17-5-23-2, Delorn Johnson 13-3-41-2, Kenroy Peters 9-3-20-1.

Windward Islands 1st Innings: 216/9 Declared (97.3 Overs). Romel Currency 76, Tyrone Theophile 73, Sunil Ambris 23, Lyndon James+ 20; Nikita Miller 38.3-13-60-2, Jamie Merchant 14-2-21-2, Brian Buchanan 12-1-22-2, Dave Bernard Jr 9-1-23-1.

Jamaica 2nd Innings: 275 All Out (93.1 Overs). Carlton Baugh+ 89*, Tamar Lambert* 67, Nkrumah Bonner 34, Dave Bernard Jr 13; Shane Shillingford 33.1-3-116-7, Devon Smith 13-3-33-2, Romel Currency 1-0-1-0, Delorn Johnson 8-0-14-0.

Windward Islands 2nd Innings: 256/7 (85.1 Overs). Sunil Ambris 81, Tyrone Theophile 30, Devon Smith 29, Romel Currency 22; Nikita Miller 30-10-59-3, Tamar Lambert 14-4-37-2, Jamie Merchant 12-1-49-1, Brian Buchanan 6-2-11-0.

Windward Islands won by 3 wickets


Jamaica 1st Innings

Horace Miller c Theophile b Johnson 0

J Campbell LBW Pascal 18

N Bonner c Shillingford b Sebastien 38

T Lambert* b Johnson 1

J Blackwood c James b Sebastien 36

C Baugh Jr+ not out 56

D Bernard Jr c & b Shillingford 29

Nikita Miller c Peters b Shillingford 2

J Merchant c Theophile b Shillingford 3

J Taylor c Sebastien b Shillingford 0

B Buchanan LBW Peters 0

Total: 194 All Out (68 Overs)

Extras: (b4, lb1, w1, nb5) 11

Fall of wickets: 1-10, 2-20, 3-23, 4-92, 5-107, 6-173, 7-179, 8-192, 9-192, 10-194.

Windward Islands 1st Innings 1st Innings Bowling: N Pascal 13-1-44-1, D Johnson 13-3-41-2, K Peters 9-3-20-1, S Shillingford 16-3-61-4, L Sebastien 17-5-23-2.

Windward Islands 1st Innings

D Smith c Bonner b Taylor 1

T Theophile c Bonner b Nikita Miller 73

S Ambris c Campbell b Bernard Jr 23

K Lesporis c Campbell b Merchant 4

K Peters c Campbell b Merchant 0

R Currency not out 76

L James+ c Blackwood b Nikita Miller 20

S Shillingford c Baugh b Buchanan 0

D Johnson LBW Buchanan 3

N Pascal c Horace Miller b Nikita Miller 1

Total: 216/9 Declared (97.3 overs)

Extras: (b8, lb6, nb1) 15

Did not Bat: L Sebastien*.

Fall of Wickets: 1-8, 2-46, 3-52, 4-52, 5-154, 6-200, 7-208, 8-213, 9-216.

Jamaica 1st Innings Bowling: J Taylor 7-0-42-1, B Buchanan 12-1-22-2, Nikita Miller 38.3-13-60-2, D Bernard Jr 9-1-23-1, J Merchant 14-2-21-2, T Lambert 8-2-9-0, J Campbell 3-0-10-0, N Bonner 6-0-15-1.

Jamaica 2nd Innings (Trail; 22)

Horace Miller b Shillingford 12

J Campbell c Pascal b Shillingford 11

N Bonner LBW Shillingford 34

J Blackwood c Theophile b Shillingford 8

T Lambert* b Smith 67

C Baugh Jr+ not out 89

D Bernard Jr c & b Shillingford 13

Nikita Miller b Smith 9

J Merchant c Currency b Shillingford 11

J Taylor c & b Shillingford 0

B Buchanan run Out 1

Total: 275 All Out (93.1 Overs)

Extras: (b4, lb10, nb4, w2) 20

Fall of Wickets: 1-26, 2-29, 3-109, 4-122, 5-162, 6-210, 7-230, 8-247, 9-247, 10-275.

Windward Islands 2nd Innings Bowling: N Pascal 16-0-46-0, D Johnson 8-0-14-0, S Shillingford 33.1-3-116-7, K Peters 22-4-51-0, D Smith 13-3-33-2, R Currency 1-0-1-0.

Windward Islands 2nd Innings (Target; 254)

D Smith run out Merchant 29

T Theophile b Nikita Miller 30

S Ambris c Blackwood b Merchant 81

K Lesporis LBW Nikita Miller 19

K Peters c Horace Miller b Lambert 22

R Currency c Blackwood b Lambert 15

L James+ b Nikita Miller 11

S Shillingford not out 7

D Johnson not out 21

Total: 256/7 (85.1 Overs)

Extras: (b12, lb7, nb2) 21

Did not Bat: L Sebastien*, N Pascal

Fall of Wickets: 1-49, 2-72, 3-100, 4-163, 5-191, 6-223, 7-223.

Jamaica 2nd Innings Bowling: J Taylor 13.1-2-45-0, J Merchant 12-1-49-1, Nikita Miller 30-10-59-3, B Buchanan 6-2-11-0, D Bernard Jr 7-0-27-0, T Lambert 14-4-37-2, J Campbell 3-0-9-0.

Result: Windward Islands won by 7 wickets

Final points: Windwards 16 (3 bowling points + 1 batting point + 12 points for victory) | Jamaica (0 batting points + 3 bowling points)

Man of the Match: Shane Shillingford (Windward Islands)

Toss: Windward Islands won the toss and elected to bat

Umpires: Peter Nero & Christoper Taylor

Standby Umpire: Christopher Wright

Match Referee: Denavon Hayles

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 16:45