Aguilleira - Lost from a strong position

ICC Media Release.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - West Indies Women captain Merissa Aguilleira was crestfallen after her team was knocked out of the ICC Women's World Twenty20 in the semifinal for the third time in a row.

After its eight-run loss to Australia Women in Mirpur on Thursday (April 3), she struggled to put together words, quite unlike her usual affable self.

The deep sense of disappointment was not because the loss came against the defending champions, but because the game slipped out of its grasp, despite a win being in sight for 18 overs of the chase. Chasing 141, Deandra Dottin reduced the chase to a cruise, till her dismissal, with the team needing 23 off 11 balls, turned the tide.

"It is a setback, but we need to still have faith to go to the next level," she said. "After coming back from New Zealand where we lost 4-0 in the T20 Internationals, it was hard for us. But the way we overcame the disappointment and started this tournament was fantastic. Even today, right from the time we went out to bat, we believed we could have chased it down, especially with the potential we have.

"We are a team that believes in each other, even when Deandra fell we thought the game was in our hands, Stacy-Ann King was set and ready to go, but then we lost our way. It’s really tough but we have to find ways to move on. It’s about going back to the drawing board and seeing how we can come up and reach the next level."

Australia outclassed West Indies by 28 runs in the semifinal of the World T20 in 2012. At the World Cup last year, West Indies was overwhelmed by 114 runs. Quite obviously, Aguilleira was asked if they had the ghosts of those losses to brush aside going into the game.

"Well, we knew we were playing the world champions and they weren’t going to give up their position just like that," she said. "It was a tough game. Obviously losing to India didn't give us an easy access into the final. For us to come up against a side that has been at the top of the table is quite an achievement. 

"We’re still a developing side and that’s where Australia took advantage of us,” she said. “I think they got 20 runs too many. Most of the time, we’ve been in positions from strength only to lose from there. That’s an area we need to look at.”

ICC Media Release.

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 10:08